Our People & Our Culture

Our People
We believe our people are our most valuable asset. The knowledge, passion, commitment and ownership that every person at IFMR Capital has brought has fueled our organization to great heights. Our skin-in-the-game as an investor and our high standards of transparency, integrity and work ethics as a business, continue to ensure that we stay aligned and focused on our path of providing capital markets access to all individuals and institutions who face challenges in terms of access to capital.

Our culture
We are a diverse group of people from all parts of India; we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities organisation, with in-depth local understanding in the markets we operate. Our strength comes from our collective belief in our mission and our work and it is this team spirit that enables us to behave as one unit across the different business functions, each giving its best as a team and all put together making the sum bigger than the parts.

As part of the IFMR Capital DNA, we have an inbuilt orientation to work in close partnership with our originator clients, our investors, to provide customized solutions and services that meet their needs, whilst building a sustainable business for the future, for ourselves and the communities in which we operate.

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