Structured Finance

IFMR Capital achieves its mission of connecting high quality originators in financially excluded sectors and financially excluded households with debt capital markets through:

i) catalysing debt capital markets and enabling market making,
ii) using financial structuring expertise for designing innovative, client-driven products
iii) maintaining strong standards on underwriting and expert risk management

Participation in IFMR Capital-led transactions and availing financing via IFMR Capital’s products helps our partner institutions diversify sources of funding, build reputation and credibility in capital markets, achieve lower cost of financing and in some cases enable capital release.

To maintain aligned objectives, IFMR Capital always retains its skin in the game by not only structuring and developing products, but also by investing in them or participating in the deal as a co-guarantor or credit-enhancer.

Our product suite spans the continuum of plain vanilla on balance sheet products and complex structured finance products. Provided below are the list of products IFMR Capital has developed over time and offers through its own balance sheet or structures and invests in as the case may be :

Term loans & cash credit

Rated securitization

Bilateral assignment

Guarantee-backed lending

Non-convertible debentures

Commercial paper

External commercial borrowing

Collateralized pooled-bond programme

Tier II instruments

Debt syndication

Products by Nature of Debt
• Senior, secured debt
• Subordinated, unsecured, Tier II Capital
• Off-balance sheet funding

Products by Tenor Ranges
• Commercial Paper: money market instruments < 1 year
• Securitisation: mirroring underlying receivables - 2-10 years
• Term loans, bond and other structured papers - 2-8 years

Products by Rating of Instruments
• Securitisation – minimum investment grade papers (Rated BBB- and above)
• Bonds, commercial papers – linked to underlying entity rating (range between BB to AA+)
• Other structured bonds – investment grade and above (Rated BBB- and above)
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